Grand Theft Token

Grand Theft Token (GTT) is a meme-token designed and promoted in celebration of one of the greatest games of our generation, Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

About GTT

Grand Theft Token (GTT) is a meme-token designed and promoted in celebration of one of the greatest games of our generation, Grand Theft Auto (GTA). This token celebrates the continued success of the GTA Series and its fiercely loyal fans! Just like GTA, GTT is going to be fun, engaging and change the lives of its community for the better.

GTT shall forge a mutually beneficial relationship between the crypto industry, holders, and general populace through an iconic gaming institution.

GTT shall be built upon the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain, and its primary utility will be providing a charitable offering to any organisation that the community votes upon, donations to suggested charities will be given monthly and on behalf of the project and of course its community. The world has been under constant pressure since the Covid19 pandemic, its faced financial, social, and environmental issues at every turn and GTT’s mission is to ensure that we remind everyone that they are not alone, we care and as a global community it is within our power to reach out and support anyone in need.

Life just like GTA can be hard, brutal, and messy at times but thanks to the GTT initiative we aim to set the difficulty level as low as possible.

GTT Goals

GTT Goals, Methods and Aspirations

The capability of Crypto to change lives financially is not a secret, billions of dollars of funds have changed hands in the last few years, and this is not looking to stop in our lifetimes, so why not use the popularity and enthusiasm within this industry to help others and make our global community more financially and spiritually prosperous than ever before.

Blockchain technology has led society to become more comfortable with decentralized currency, it is swiftly becoming the most prosperous “new market” the world has ever seen. The GTT team have years of Crypto space experience and with technical and marketing expertise on our side we shall ensure that this project will become one of the most promising ventures in the system.

Beyond its charitable goals, GTT is also a visionary project with a focus on innovation, education, and creativity. By combining the excitement of the gaming world with the potential of the crypto industry, GTT aims to push the boundaries of what is possible and inspire new forms of collaboration, community, and expression. As a meme coin GTT celebrates the power of humor, irony, and satire to bring people together and challenge conventional thinking.

Initially, raised funds will be used to build a platform for the GTT community to engage and participate in the project. The platform will include features such as a wallet, marketplace, and voting system for the community. We shall provide updates on the causes the GTT community supports and how they have helped more than just the financial aspects of giving. The GTT community will also vote on which causes to support each month and provide regular updates on the organisations to ensure you can see the benefits you will bring to the lives of others. Worthy causes may include environmental initiatives, social justice movements, and many many more.

Why BSC?

Binance Smart Chain is a layer-two scaling solution that runs alongside the Binance blockchain. Every transaction that is processed through a Blockchain is susceptible to Gas fees, Gas Fees are the cost that must be paid so that a transaction gets signed and recorded on the blockchain. The differing value of fees depends on the blockchain you are working on, therefore, after a long and conscientious investigation we have chosen BSC as the blockchain network where we will develop the Grand Theft Token Ecosystem. Besides having lower gas fees, BSC has lots of benefits such as the ones listed below.


Coming Soon

Contract Address

The Grand Theft Token token is a BEP-20 utility token that will serve as the backbone of the Grand Theft Token ecosystem. Members will be able to make fast and secure transactions, participate in decentralized finance applications, and access a range of benefits and opportunities across various industries. The token will be built on a secure, decentralized blockchain platform (BSC), ensuring the highest level of transparency and security for its holders.

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Transaction Fee

Grand Theft Token

Token Name






Token Standard

Token Utility


Ownership of the GTT token grants you membership to the Grand Theft Token
community, providing a sense of belonging and connection with like-minded

Unification of Spend

Grand Theft Token is the ecosystem’s utility token which will give all its participants a shared an open currency without
centralized intermediaries.


In the future, Grand Theft Token will provide exclusive access to merch, events and services related to the Grand Theft Token Ecosystem.


Third-party interested businesses will be able to participate in the ecosystem
incorporating Grand Theft Token into their projects, interacting with our services and giving new functionalities and
opportunities to our holders.

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